What Can a Managed Service Provider (MSP) Do?

For expanding businesses, the idea of managing technical systems like servers, phones, and valuable data can be daunting. Expansion of small business means adding employees, as well as adding larger phone systems, more computers, and more software. A managed service provider is a company that is centered around maintaining, supporting, and hosting all your technology needs remotely, and supporting users with issues. This can include hosted phone systems, like a VoIP system. It can include email server management, and active directory creation and maintenance. It can include day to day user support in a helpdesk format.

A growing business needs sturdy infrastructure.

As a company continues to grow, the physical needs for each employee grows with it. Successful businesses will soon see a need for an IT department. This is where a managed service provider (MSP) can come in. Instead of going through the process of trying to hire an IT expert that may or may not be fully trained in all the needs a growing business faces, many business owners opt for a managed service provider that is already accustomed to hosting businesses like theirs. Most MSPs will operate with a business in a subscription-based partnership, where the needs of the business are identified, implemented, and managed by the MSP. Doctors offices, contractor offices, large organizations like churches and public outreach programs are just a few of the business archetypes that would require an MSP to set up, maintain and help with network security, video surveillance, shared data storage, computer configuration, local domain implementation and so much more.

Step 1: Identifying Business Technology Needs

Identifying the needs of a business is the first step. Perhaps a company is looking at needing to set up a call center. A managed service provider like us can source the products and services needed for a VoIP (voice over internet protocol) telephone system, set up each phone for each employee, create extensions, switch extensions, and manage the actual systems needed to maintain it for the client. As a telephony service provider, we create modern high-quality VoIP systems with a plethora of quite helpful features we can enable an up and coming business to stay in great communication. And, we are also providing support and repair services to continue the maintenance of the systems for years to come.

What happens when disaster strikes?

Another key feature of having a managed service provider, is knowing that you have experts at your back, prepared to resolve whatever issues may arise. Data back up solutions are often a part of the services offered by an MSP, meaning that in the event of a disaster, your MSP can rebuild everything based on previous back up information, preventing total data loss. Floods, fires, and theft can be detrimental to a small business on the rise. With a managed service provider that provides data back up solutions, there is a much-needed extra layer of business security.

An MSP can do all the hard work for you.

In addition, another thing that managed service providers implement is device procurement, management, security and repair services. Having a knowledgeable team of IT experts that can identify the needs of a company and know what key features will be required of their computers, servers, phone systems, and networks means optimizing the products that will be required, saving money and efficiency. Any good managed service provider is a business partner with leading computer technology suppliers, like Lenovo. A big part of being an MSP is ordering and setting up new computers for clients, applying all the software that will be needed, and ensuring that proper security and antivirus is installed and up to date, and the internal OS is up to date and configured properly for secure operation. Acquiring proper server systems and drives is important too. For email servers, data servers, VoIP servers, and more, it’s crucial to have good quality products operating the core of any business, without breaking the bank. And when something does go wrong, having an experienced team of professionals available to provide support when you need it most can be a lifesaver.

Technology Resource Group technology solutions

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