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Digital Security

As a business, protecting your assets, both virtual and physical is critical, especially with the ever-evolving security threats. Consequently, evolving security threats require even smarter security solutions. Your business website is your virtual office, and often, your first touch-point with your customers. Any hint of poor security to your website hurts your brand’s perception and may result in the loss of business. 

Prevention is better than cure, especially with regard to business security. While it may sometimes take little effort to recover from a cyber-attack, rebuilding trust with your customers may be almost impossible. 

Cyber Security

Our company works hand in hand with you to identify your threat environments, possibilities of hacking, network security features, and other possible data breach points to select the right S.E.C.a.a.S. solution that will fit your security needs. Technology Resource Group is proud to offer very lowest entry costs for data security because our S.E.C.a.a.S. solutions do not have to be delivered locally.  We also are able to provide solutions on employee ID management and security access.  

Threats to Your Company's IT Security

This age of technology has also lead to a significant rise of cyber attacks that have brought many businesses to their knees. The most common cyber threats our company provides solutions for are: 

Additional Security Services

  • Professional Resources: (SIEM Analysis and Risk Assessment)
  • Advanced Security and Vulnerability assessments
  • Prevention and Detection of Network Intrusions
  • Security Operations, Monitoring and Incident Response
  • Endpoint, Network and Cloud Security Services
  • Email Security Implication 
  • Managed Firewall Services