School Payment Gateway Compromised
Exposing Parents Card Details

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Schools are the Number 1 Target

Last week school payment processing service Wisepay has revealed details of transactions made by parents were compromised. The company, which offers a secure online payment service that allows parents and guardians to pay cashless to their schools and colleges for exam fees and school lunches, temporarily took the site offline in response. This happened after the Wisepsay website was hacked, which led to attackers using fake sites to steal payment details. According to the firm, the attack began on the evening of October 2 and was noticed the following Monday morning.

Parents; Victims of Cybercrime

Wisepay managing director Richard Grazier said the website was now back online and safe to use.  Although the attack is believed to have involved payments to more than 300 schools, Grazier added that a relatively small group of users are on the platform as this type of cashless payment is not carried out every day. Wisepay would identify and contact those affected. 

Two Birds, One Stone

When it comes to financial organizations, they are often seen as lucrative targets, as they have highly sensitive information and must behave in a way that is consistent with the protection of their customers “personal data. WisePay could prove a godsend for hackers, as it is both a financial organization and an educational sector. Chris Grazier, Chief Security Officer at Wisepay, said: “The threat landscape for these organizations is massive and finding vulnerabilities is just a cat-and-mouse game with hackers. No company is immune from the risk of compromise, and smart payers are no exception.

Tightening Up Security

Organizations must prioritize where their opponents are, what tools and techniques they use and what information they consider to be most valuable. It is vital that they have all the tools at their disposal to ensure that potential targets remain safe.

If your organization is using antiquated security measures, you also could fall victim to heinous cybercrime and both your employee and client data could be compromised. Don’t wait till it happens to find a solution. Be proactive and contact our team and utilize our free services to help you find the best security solution for your organization.