Modernizing Technology - Stay Secure & Up To Date

Businesses everywhere around the world are investing in upgrading their legacy sites to stay ahead. Modernizing aging systems in business settings is the process of converting and migrating old systems into modern infrastructure to reduce IT costs, improve flexibility, incorporate collaboration and increase consistency. You could say it’s similar to a software update, providing newer and better capabilities. Modernizing existing systems is incredibly effective in boosting sales and traffic. Keeping up with the times is a key factor for the success of any business, especially for corporate security.

From medical offices, to childcare buildings and everything in between, there are many unique security risks involved with hanging onto aging systems. Camera systems, medical documentation software, security systems, and computers are easier to break into the older they are. Given enough time, hackers can identify faults and weaknesses to use to their advantage. Hackers, malware, ransomware, and outright theft can be detrimental in places where it could be considered a HIPAA violation, or a data privacy issue. It’s essential to look into modern options after a few years to avoid breaches like these.

There have been many large scale attacks on big businesses like Target, Walmart, and more where the attackers were able to identify and gain access to credit card accounts, payment accounts, and other monetary assets. These things are even more likely to occur in businesses using software that’s been outdated long enough for its weaknesses to be exposed. Modernizing business technology can quickly cut down the chance of security breaches, while providing employees with bigger and better functionality. While migrating to new systems can be costly, it can also pay for itself over time with how much additional income higher functionality may bring. It’s like switching from plain old cash registers to modern point of sale machines that can accept debit, credit, Touchless Pay, Apple and Android Pay. While it costs more up front, in the long run the additional profits will make up for it.

Another example is that software and programs that are being released today for Mac and Windows computers are often not compatible with desktops and laptops running older operating systems. For example, you may be able to play Spider Solitaire on Windows XP, but you definitely couldn’t run new video editing software. For small and medium-sized enterprises, time is money, and companies waste time while employees wait for their computers to cooperate. Failing hard drives, network devices, or telephone systems affect every aspect of business. Improving technology can increase productivity and reduce downtime. Some technology will eventually be obsolete, and you will simply be required to upgrade, depending on the age of some devices.

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