Lost In The Cloud?

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The evolution of the “Internet of Things” (IoT) has revolutionized how people and businesses operate. With corporations, big and small alike, always looking for better, safer ways of saving their data and other critical programs. Here’s where cloud computing becomes a perfect solution. 

Cloud computing is generally the storage and access of data programs over the internet rather than storing information on locally stored hard drives. These include resources like remote servers, data storage, networking, software, and databases. 

I.a.a.S. (Infrastructure as a Service)

Technology Resource Group is proud to offer I.a.a.S. at low entry costs allowing your business to maximize the benefits of updated equipment, cabling and cloud computing services with absolutely no equipment maintenance required. 

Using I.a.a.S. gives your business the ability to take on workloads without the cost of buying, maintaining and necessary support for the underlying infrastructure on which is runs.  

Virtual Server Solutions

 Virtual server management is one of the fastest emerging cloud-based solutions.  We offer many options of virtual server solutions such as virtual private servers (VPS), proxy servers and virtual work-spaces.

No matter your level of specification for performance needs we have virtual server solutions with the largest bandwidth, lowest down-time,  storage capacity and fastest CPUs pair with your choice of VM clients.


As the necessity and proliferation of internet hosting continue to increase, large and small enterprises must keep up with technological demands. The difficulty of handling large quantities of data has long been a nightmare for businesses. Companies that have servers with bandwidths strong enough to handle online traffic must now have data centers to house their facilities. 

A colocation facility is the housing that companies use to protect their servers from outside interferences. It can be expensive, but very efficient. Hiring a colocation facility comes with several benefits as well. 

Carrier-neutral colocation facilities also help to provide even more security of servers while increasing service speeds. Two different models provide internet services in colocation facilities. They include the carrier-neutral and carrier-specific colocation facilities. The carrier-neutral data center provides customers with even more features and is usually the choice of service for most companies. 

The carrier-neutral data center also helps to encourage competition among different providers. Therefore, it drives prices down, making the service even more affordable. 

Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Data backup and recovery are two critical and functionally different components of layered IT security strategies. Unfortunately, neither can perform the other’s functions. Together, however, remote data backup and disaster recovery D.R.a.a.S. can help protect business and client data in the event of a technological disaster. 

Securing your data well so that it cannot be easily lost is essential.  In the case of disasters striking, you need a way to back up your data in one safe space.