Cloud Storage Services: GreenCloud

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GreenClouds' Cloud Platform

This proven platform supports data protection and data management applications that have access to a wide range of data types and storage types. You can store data of any size and enjoy the same security and privacy protection as any other cloud storage service. This ability makes GreenClouds’ Cloud Storage Services great for health-care, video surveillance, financial services, manufacturing, broadcasting and IoT. We help you meet your storage, data and privacy needs with the most advanced privacy and security features available in the cloud.

Forward-Thinking Security Features

A number of security features ensure complete access control and is compatible with all applications that support S3 storage.  Our highly redundant Enterprise Storage Platform is fault tolerant to ensure availability, and our privacy and data management features protect against data loss.

Cloud Storage Benefits

GreenClouds Cloud Storage Services are also packed with many service benefits to ensure your company’s needs are met.  Here are only a few of the benefits available through GreenClouds cloud storage services:

S3 Storage Compatibility

Making The Right Choice

When it comes to selecting the right Cloud Storage Service Provider, you need a provider that is transparent and had your company’s interests in mind. Take advantage of GreenClouds’ platform and avoid capital costs upfront and pay only for the storage you need without any additional fees.  Contact us today and utilize our free service to help you find the best cloud storage solutions.