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In many areas across the country, retail energy has been deregulated allowing businesses to obtain energy from a multitude of “GREEN ENERGY” providers.  Deregulation has opened the energy market to competition, giving your business the absolute lowest costs.  This also allows you to negotiate a contract with set rates for a predetermined duration of time.

The Decline in the Cost of Natural Gas

The cost of electricity closely correlates to the cost of natural gas.  Since deregulation of energy, the cost of natural gas has dropped significantly providing retail consumers the lowest costs of electricity and natural gas since the early 1990’s.  By taking advantage of this decrease in costs can save your business between 10%-50% on energy expenses. 

The Lights Still Turn On

Obtaining an alternative energy provider does not decrease the reliability of your energy.  The energy that REPS (Retail Energy Providers) provide still moves over the same power grid your business is currently operating on so there is no decrease in availability or supply.  Here’s how it works: