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Security Threats Are Everywhere

Reports of malware and hackers are everywhere today, not only for grandpa, but also small businesses, medical offices, government agencies and yes, even you! Confidential client information, business contacts, software, important files, server information and more are all vulnerable to total data loss in multiple ways. Although these types of threats pose a significant risk to business, there’s a simple solution available to keep you secure. 

Old school spyware, ransomware, malware and classic viruses are still the leading causes for security breaches of confidential data. In the IT world, technicians like to say, “It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.”

Not only that, but antivirus software can’t protect your business from lightning strikes and electrical fires. With all the reports of security risk, it’s easy to overlook the more conventional physical threats that expose your data every day. While cyber attacks wreak havoc across the globe, more natural and unexpected culprits are often overlooked. Viruses and ransomware outbreaks are one thing, but floods, fires, earthquakes and the occasional unexpected burst water pipe are just as guilty for causing massive data loss. 

Have You Considered The Risks To Your Data?

Even with up to date security software, companies are still exposed to the threat of data loss, theft, and even physical hardware loss. Have no fear, a cloud-based backup solution is here! With a cloud-based data backup plan, you can help your business protect itself from these threats. Regularly scheduled data backups keep an additional copy of files, software, client information, histories and cute cat videos stored safely and securely in a completely separate location in the event of malware or virus attacks, hackers, thieves, or even if the sink was left running in the break room all weekend.  

All kidding aside, it is truly imperative to have a backup plan in place. Falling victim to data loss can easily mean the end of many small businesses and it happens more often than you’d think. If you do not have multiple backups available when your servers need rebuilt, you may experience significant data loss. A physical attack such as theft, fire or flood can completely erase data, making recovery impossible. As the numerous threats described above demonstrate, it is essential to secure important business files and data for several important reasons. 

What's The Easiest Way To Stay Safe & Secure?

Cloud backups can provide additional redundancy and security for companies that want to ensure that critical data is available outside of the site in the event of a physical data disaster. In short, a cloud backup is data stored on a remote server and accessed via an Internet connection. 

There are many ways for companies to make backups of important data, and several methods can be used to ensure that files are always available when they are needed. While any kind of file storage and sharing service is fine, online storage sites can be prevented from being real cloud backups due to security concerns. Therefore, companies need a secure, compliant backup solution that provides access to any media platform that is needed or used. When disaster strikes, the minute your team is without data, it can cost you business resources, money, and customers.

Technology Resouce Group Provides Secure & Compliant Data Backup

Technology Resource Group can scale the correct backup solution that allows companies to automate backups and store them locally and in the cloud in a hyper secure environment. If you need to recover data from a backup, quick data recovery is essential to get it back up and running as quickly as possible. Technology Resource Group will craft your backup solution in a way that gets you back up and running in record time.

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