CCaaS - Contact Center as a Service

CCaaS stands for Contact Center as a Service. A contact center as a service is business communication technology and it’s devices hosted on the company premises or built natively in the cloud. The primary purpose of CCaaS software is to allow you and your employees to focus on customer service, without having to worry about outdated technology getting in the way of quickly and efficiently handling important phone calls. A CCaaS provider develops, produces and maintains the software needed for high definition business communication so call centers or small businesses can easily amplify usage to provide a better customer experience for everyone involved. Keep the headaches out of your workday and let telephony technology experts handle designing the perfect contact center software for you. CCaaS is defined by the ability to host or build call center software in a cloud or host it on the company premises. Below is a list of the leading providers of contact center software in the USA, which has hardly changed in the last ten years. 

Avaya and Nortel dominated most of the contact center markets until the late 2000s. Nortel was purchased by Avaya and their products were folded into the Avaya mix or dropped altogether.  After several difficult years, Avaya emerged from a bankruptcy filing leaner but with little difference in the product lineup.  Companies like Ericsson-LG entered the US market with years of global telecom experience, bringing with them a host of scalable, agile and flexible Contact Center solutions that could be hosted on premise of in a cloud environment.

Modern Tech For Business Communication is Crucial Going Into 2021

This modern world of business communication and hosted call center software gives employers the ability to be flexible with work-from-home needs, which is crucial during the 2020 COVID-19 epidemic to keep business flowing without major hiccups. Gartner’s initial assessments of this emerging market included the ability to reduce the number of IT staff, seamless scaling for growing business, and how easy it is to work from home and not just in call centers.  Instead of accessing the software on a specific computer in a call center, agents can log in using an Internet browser and access the same system from any computer with internet access.  You can also access it from a mobile device such as a smartphone, tablet or tablet computer, as well as from your home computer with innovative mobile applications emerging today.

While many of the leading VoIP providers offer some variety of Contact Center software, most are not robust enough to provide for vertical markets such as Healthcare, Legal, Manufacturing, etc.  Most are “One Size Fits All” and have the basic, generalized features and metric sets that are adequate for small operations but will not be customizable for sophisticated business operations.

Companies of all sizes are increasingly recognizing the significant redundancy and availability improvements that the cloud offers. The early providers of cloud contact centers were embedded in small and medium-sized enterprises, which invested less in infrastructure and were not bound by multi-year contracts. 

Innovative Features Bring New Horizons To Business Communication

 The term CCaaS stands for contact center as a service, but you can also hear the term “hosted contact center” used in its place.  It is integrated with a wide range of services such as email, text, social media, web hosting and more.

Agents can be assigned skills based on their training and expertise, and then ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) forwards interactions to them to ensure the best customer experience. The ACD is a powerful routing engine-based machine that manages and delivers a designed contact flow for the entire contact center, not just the agents themselves. Pretty cool, huh?

A high function interactive call menu can enable callers to select the specific help they’re looking for by pronouncing the option aloud or pressing a number. The IVR (Interactive Voice Recognition) system makes this option easy and, when integrated into the ACD, companies gain additional functionality and efficiency by exchanging data with each other, so that the data collected in the IVD system is shared within the ACD. Callers can also opt for self-service to pay bills, check accounts or make changes.

Modern predictive dialers can help sales and customer service agents achieve higher connection rates and eliminate the annoying breaks that are common with outgoing software solutions. Outgoing software, called a “predictive dialer,” is required, but incoming customer interactions can be handled in an inbound call center. This telephony technology can give agents a more accurate view of the customers contact information, as well as a better understanding of their needs. 

Safe, Secure and Easily Managed Communication You Can Rely On

Contact Center Service (CCaaS) software works in the cloud without the need to manage hardware on site. This significantly boosts security, and ease of management. A good contact center service (CCaaS) offers a company a virtual call center that works with cloud software. These solutions are elastically scalable and allow users to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions with the same level of security as a native real-time cloud solution.

Many current CCaaS providers offer hosted service that is based in the cloud, allowing the provider to maintain and develop the software as a service with varying degrees of business sizes. This has revolutionized business telephony, as it is now available for small businesses, as well as for large companies. 

Technology Resource Group Brings CCaaS Capability To Any Business

Technology Resource Group would be delighted to work with you and discuss what benefits you can gain from CCaaS services and more. We work with all levels of business, with the most affordable rates around. Give us a call today to find out how CCaaS can to bring your customer interactions and profitability to a new level of excellence!